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Release – Anders Roslund’s Fly

June 7, 2024

Release – Anders Roslund’s Fly

One night in the 1990’s, the fifteen-year-old boy Big Brother disappears from a locked room in a youth facility. He is never seen again.

Many years later, Piet Hoffmann sits in another prison, sentenced for possession after helping criminal inspector Ewert Grens to infiltrate a drug gang. One morning, a new prisoner arrives: Little Brother. His older brother was Piet Hoffman’s best friend when they were young. It was Big Brother who disappeared without a trace that night, and Little Brother lays all the blame on Piet.

Suddenly, Piet’s family find themselves in mortal danger, and Piet must find out what really happened that night in the 90s. Now there is only one way out, he must run.

Fly is the eighth crime novel in a series about Piet Hoffmann and Ewert Grens.