Roslund & Hellström

The Girl Below The Street

Release date: September 19, 2007 / Original title: Flickan under gatan
Roslund & Hellström - The Girl Below The Street|

The Girl Below The Street

Ewert Grens has thirty-two unsolved files to dig into when two findings suddenly turn everything around. 43 abandoned children turn up at the Police House, while the mutilated corpse of a woman is found in the basement of a hospital. Grens and Sundkvist are quickly drawn into a nightmare that takes them down into the world below the streets, where society’s most exposed lead their lives.

The fourth novel from award-winning writer duo Roslund & Hellström is a dark and highly challenging morality dealing with the sensitive issue of homelessness: a suggestive and disturbing story that serves as a vehicle for a complex ethical discussion of responsibility and solidarity with those who have the least.

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