Roslund & Thunberg

Made In Sweden Part II

Release date: Jan 18, 2017 / Original title: En Bror Att Dö För
Roslund & Thunberg - Made in Sweden part 2

Made In Sweden Part II

Leo is wiping up the blood in the hallway. He’s fourteen and cleaning up after his dad for the last time. They’re on their own now. He will be taking care of his younger brothers while their father is in jail and mother in the hospital. And he knows how to do it. He’ll put on a disguise and do his first heist.

Years later, the gates to the prison open and Leo is free once more. He’s paid his dues for the series of brutal bank robberies he carried out in the past. Now he has one goal: to commit the perfect crime and reclaim that which doesn’t exist – the money that society forgot.

This time he won’t involve his brothers, won’t leave any traces leading back to him. But then it happens: the mistake that opens a window for Detective John Broncks and changes the rules of the game permanently. If you pull my brother into it, I’ll take you and yours to hell.

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“This powerful epic of a Swedish family whose lives are blighted by crime is riveting. Though this is part of the Made in Sweden series and is following on Svensson’s earlier book The Father – an enormous critical success – it can be read as a stand-alone … The novel takes strands of fact from the past and with aplomb weaves them into a tapestry of what might have happened next.”
Sunday Times (South Africa)
"While the story of Leo’s planning and execution of the four-part heist and Broncks’ pursuit of him is certainly interesting enough on its own, Svensson’s subtle comparison between the two adversaries with regard to their lives and personalities is equally as riveting. The line between cop and criminal here is a thin one indeed … The results make for a quick, suspenseful and propelling read that, like The Father, will appeal to fans of true crime and police procedurals.”
The Book Reporter (US)
“The Sons, a sequel to Anton Svensson’s Publisher’s Weekly Best Mystery/Thriller of the Year, The Father, is a continuation of the story of the dysfunctional Duvnjac family, in which twisted relationships result in inevitable crime and violence … Not only is The Sons an excellent thriller, it is also an examination of family relationships, of the toxic damage done by child abuse and domestic violence … Well-written, psychologically sound in its presentation of damaged children growing into damaged men, The Sons is gritty, frequently graphic, but is a compelling study of the roots of crime. Highly recommended.”
New York Journal of Books (US)
“Based on an actual series of events, this absorbing, often heartrending tale reads like superb narrative nonfiction, with disturbing images of domestic violence and ice-cold criminality.”
Booklist (US)
"Actual bank robberies, the planned bombing of Stockholm’s Central Station, and the largest weapons theft in northern Europe’s history inspired the events in this superb finale of the Dostoyevskian saga that began with 2016’s The Father … Seldom in fiction have a father’s sins been so brutally visited on sons as in this shattering tribute to the terrifying complexity of familial life and love.”
Publishers Weekly *Starred Review* (US)
“This is the standalone to Roslund & Thunberg’s phenomenal Made in Sweden part I … A talented and realistic crime novel by the Swedish author duo … The authors is in contact with the black jewels of their minds, but not to lose too much … Do you like realistic crime novels (remember that one of the authors is talking about his own experiences so there is no talk of inauthenticity!)? This is definitely one of the best ever! Powerful reading!”
Žena (Croatia)
“The three brothers’ unity is put on the ultimate test in this well-written and thrilling crime novel that hits you right into both heart and stomach … A solid and good Swedish crime novel. Already from start you are caught by the brothers’ heartbreaking destiny … The book is so brilliantly written that you switch between hoping that Leo will succeed with his plans and the directly opposite, as he actually is the criminal."
Litteratursiden (Denmark)
“Tasty crime cocktail … A beautiful description of the childhood of three sons of a violent father, with an explosive start and a well-done research. The dialogue and the characters are impeccable, the relationships are edgy, and the atmosphere is almost tangible.” ★★★★★
Detective & Thriller Guide (Netherlands)
“The border between the police and the criminal, right and wrong and good and evil are rare blurred, and it is precisely that, together with the sharp bond of loyalty between the main characters in the book, that makes this thriller extra readable."
Corren (Sweden)
“As always when Anders Roslund is involved – either with Börge Hellström or as now with Stefan Thunberg – it is a tremendous drive in the story. Made in Sweden part II is simply a page-turner where you want to get to the end and the resolution as quickly as possible.”
Östra Småland (Sweden)
“The Sons is more multifaceted than most novels in the crime fiction genre / En bror att dö för är mer mångfacetterad än de flesta romaner i genren.”
Göteborgs-Posten (Sweden)
“Thanks to the authors’ skill in changing things up and constructing convincing details for every story, the result feels original … The reader is led safely into the story, initially outline of the plot just enough to be sucked in and ready to follow it to the end no matter how it looks. It is tied together in a credible way … Roslund & Thunberg rise above the crowd in the Swedish and international thriller literature."
Litteraturmagazinet (Sweden)
“The authors describe the rounds so that the reader gets goose bumps … The alternating narration, with its changes of tempo, is efficiently utilized in this story about masculinity, exploitation and revenge. Anders Roslund & Stefan Thunberg write stringently and engagingly … It’s easy to understand that Made in Sweden part I was awarded booth with the Japanese Konomys Award, nominated to the International Dagger Award and by Publishers Weekly was listed as one of 2016’s best crime novels."
Dast Magazine (Sweden)
“A tragedy reminiscent of The Godfather, with the sadness for the family tie curses as a keynote."
Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)
“Intensely thrilling and thought-provoking at the same time”.
Ölandsbladet (Sweden)
“The incidents get the cops and robbers together and makes the story exciting and affecting. The story flows on at a rapid pace. It’s told from multiple perspectives and includes several surprising twists.”
Skaraborgs Allehanda (Sweden)
“A page-turner!”
Aftonbladet (Sweden)
“Hard-boiled entertainment.”
BTJ (Sweden)
“Made in Sweden part II (En Bror Att Dö För) is a truly powerful and exciting thriller, but most of all it’s a novel about brotherhood, loyalties and blood ties … the former journalist Anders Roslund has for long been one of the stars on the Swedish crime novel heaven … Made in Sweden part II (En Bror Att Dö För) gives a really good start to the crime novel year."
Kristianstadsbladet (Sweden)
“Anders Roslund and Stefan Thunberg makes it both easy and difficult for us readers – it’s easy to understand cause and effect, what growing up makes with the Dûvnjac brothers and the Broncks brothers but relationships, family ties and the love there after all is, is not at all simple. Here they capture the readers as much as in the cleverly constructed plot of tension. Moreover, it’s impossible not to be strongly gripped by the childhood story of the three orphaned brothers, each in his own way trying to deal with the adult world and society’s betrayal. En Bror Att Dö För containing with other words, many parts to follow in different ways, at different speeds and with different types of engagement and the whole becomes an important and timely and at the same time eternal history.”
Skånska Dagbladet (Sweden)
“The author duo are writing a concentrated and effective prose that nails the reader in the short and chiselled chapters. It’s all the way through exciting and realistic thanks to credible personal and initiated depictions of the environment a criminal creature like Leo moves in. You Can’t Wish for a better start of the crime novel Year 2017!”
Mariestads-Tidningen (Sweden)

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