Roslund & Hellström

Cell 8

Release date: September 9, 2006 / Original title: Edward Finnigans upprättelse
Cell 8

Cell 8

A dead man walking; a drunken brawl on a cheap weekend cruise in the Baltic sea; a man without identity: Ewert Grens and his colleagues have a long way to go in order to understand the puzzle in front of them.

The national bestseller, Redemption/Cell 8, is Roslund & Hellström’s third crime novel with Police Detectives Ewert Grens and Sven Sundkvist. It is a highly challenging investigation of the worst possible consequences of the death penalty, with repercussions that reach from Death Row in Utah across the Atlantic into the Stockholm Police Headquarters.

"It is a well-written and suspensful crime novel with some, to put it mildly, unexpected turns. And despite the fact that there is a good number of parallel events that finally come together, you do not for a moment lose your thread."
Länstidningen Södertälje
"Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström have with their latest novel further consolidated their position as our angriest social critics."
Stockholms city
"An intelligent and tight plot makes for suspenseful reading in which the unexpected turns are numerous."
Tidningen Journalisten
"It is well-done, touching and breathlessly suspenseful."
"The plot is constantly driven on in such an apt way that I didn’t put the book away more than a few times before I had reached the end."
"The Satisfaction of Edward Finnigan is a very well-written crime novel with a good plot."
Sala Allehanda
"Read this book when you have plenty of time ahead – it is impossible to let go of."
"The writer duet offers the reader great entertainment and for those of you considering some form of suspenseful fall reading, taking on 420 pages The Satisfaction of Edward Finnnigan is highly recommended."
"The story has been constructed in a shrewd way and the suspense is as thick as Lützen fog throughout each chapter."
"The Satisfaction of Edward Finnigan is the most outstanding Swedish crime novel that I’ve read this year and must become an evident nomination with the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers."
Norra Västerbotten
"Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström write Swedish crime novels of international quality. Their quickly catapulted-to-the-top authorship impresses. Buy. Read. And enjoy."
"…an incredibly suspenseful, ingeniously constructed crime novel."
"…a gem with serious intentions… Roslund and Hellström provide no clear-cut answers, but their settlement of account with bestiality is not only thought provoking, but also clever, for me as an observer producing feelings of joy."
“The novel has an intense drive that propels the reader forward, and a social compassion that hits its reader hard.”
Aftenposten (Norway)
A future classic?… This is a cliché, but if you are planning on reading only one book this fall, it must be this one… If the writers continue in this manner, I will not be surprised if they in the future will be spoken of with the same respect as Sjöwall/Wahlöö.
Gefle Dagblad
“A fresh breeze through the Scandinavian murder scene.”
Hellweger Anzeiger (Germany)
“REDEMPTION is the most outstanding Swedish crime novel that I’ve read this year and must be an evident nomination for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers.”
Norra Västerbotten (Sweden)
“Spurred by a use of commas that speeds up the action, the story has a terrific drive that makes putting the book down impossible. And when you think it’s all over and have completed your plea clearly and unequivocally before your inner court, you are in the most cunning manner kicked down from behind by the novel’s denouement.”
“Having finished the book, I sit there, in awe, thinking:?It’s possible! It’s actually possible to write this well about something so difficult. It’s possible to depict both sides of the hatred and the revenge with this much lucidity. It’s obviously possible to challenge the crime genre with a nuanced, complex and challenging discussion on masculinities, power, and ethics. /…/ Roslund & Hellström write crime fiction that delves deep into the human soul, with rare authenticity, and with rare compassion.”
Klassekampen (Norway)
“A painful read that treats an explosive theme in an original way.” Landeszeitung für die Lüneburger Heide (GERMANY) “…an incredibly suspenseful, ingeniously constructed crime novel.”
Aftonbladet (Sweden)
“As a crime novel, REDEMPTION is explosive stuff. These writers know the tricks and techniques of the thriller genre and are not afraid of making the most of this knowledge. This makes for a story where you cannot turn the pages fast enough, and where you are constantly surprised, right up to the last sentence. /…/ A beautifully narrated crime novel, incorporating a much-needed discussion on guilt and punishment that the authors have managed to blend smoothly into the action;?and as a bonus, a grim satire of the stiff upper lips of high-end politicans and civil servants.”
Jyllands-Posten (Denmark)
“A suspenseful read all the way through.”
Dagbladet (Norway)
“Rarely is a plea for the abolishment of the death penalty brought forward so brilliantly in the form of a novel as in the case of REDEMPTION. /…/ Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström leave all other author duos writing in the thriller genre far behind.”
Het Parool (Netherlands)
“While reading REDEMPTION you find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster. The most horrible scenes take turns with moments of peace in which you are allowed capture your breath. It is very difficult not to lapse into superlatives. Roslund & Hellström are in a league of their own. Their plots, their language, their characters, everything is of such superior quality that they actually should be judged hors concours.”
Vrij Nederland (Netherlands)
“The great hope of Swedish crime writing. With their political and moral standpoint, they pick up where Sjöwall & Wahlöö left off and they reach heights of insight that Henning Mankell has never even been near. And they have good stories to tell. REDEMPTION is extremely suspenseful, with a plot beyond the ordinary.”
Borås Tidning (Sweden)
“… this extraordinary novel by the Swedish crime-writing duo Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom…” “… Roslund is a journalist, and Hellstrom a former convict, and they use this riveting setup to make a passionate case against the death penalty. Barring an improbable element in the plot when the authors’ campaigning instinct gets the better of them, this remarkable novel is taut with suspense to the end…”
The Sunday Times (The United Kingdom)
“… excellent new descriptions about the last days in prison as sentenced to death… ” “… The two authors write not only exciting thrillers, but has special training in their literary approach… ” “… Roslund och Hellström’s book draws attention to cracks in the justice system… ”
Jurnalul National (Romania)

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