Anders Roslund


Release date: 2019-07-19 / Original title: Jamåhonleva


Five red candles on a cake. Anticipation. How was Zana to know that this day would change so many people’s lives? All she wanted was to sing “Happy Birthday.”

When Ewert Grens enters the Stockholm apartment, the scent of spoiled food and something far worse hits his nose. What he sees will stay with him for years to come. Almost two decades have passed when he finds himself back at the apartment again. Someone has returned, and is looking for Zana. It will be a race against time to find her before they do.

Anders Roslund’s bone-chilling Three Days / Knock Knock / Jamåhonleva is a tale of revenge and treachery, and sees the iconic duo Grens and Hoffman reunite as the world trembles during three explosive days.


"As usual, the entertainment is total with an insanely exciting story that is extremely hard to put down. Roslund has never been better ... Roslund’s immense strength lies in his solid research and vast knowledge of organized crime, but at the same time he is also a master of intricate plots, in which the tension rises to another level towards the end – and finally, his two main characters in particular are extremely well-written. Anders Roslund is one of the giants in Swedish crime fiction ... It is a truly outstanding and read-worthy thriller, and Roslund has probably never been better. The plot about gunrunning and arms trade is painfully relevant with that many gang shootings you constantly hear about. The mix of facts and fiction works optimally, and the plot, with its swift transitions between the main characters, adds to the building of the tension.”
Litteratursiden (Denmark)
“I’m deeply fascinated by Roslund’s ability to capture me in a crime universe I’ve no desire to leave again. Impressive crime craftsmanship. It’s the goddamn best reading experience of the year.
Vildmedkrimi (Denmark)
"Jamåhonleva/Knock Knock/Three Days is […] a breathtakingly thrilling, heartbreaking story of unscrupulous arms trading, shootings, and all their underlying causes. And above all, what an upbringing in close connection with violence and guns can do to a child’s perspective ... This definitely is one of this year’s best and also most tragic crime fiction reads.”
Skånska Dagbladet (Sweden)
"An edge of your seat thriller about revenge and treachery during three fateful days.”
Vi Läser (Sweden)
“Soon you are immersed in an intro so frightening you will have a hard time forgetting its imagery … Roslund’s crime novel is of the sweaty, action-packed kind, and you read it with a pounding pulse and constant sense of unease. At the same time, it is a gripping and smart plot to consume and ponder.”
Göteborgs-Posten (Sweden)
"That we stand before a new page-turner, told with an economic and vigorous language, is evident ... Clever, thought-provoking and incredibly well-written. All to the tunes of a soundtrack of which we just want more.”
Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)
“Anders Roslund […] deservedly belongs among the bestsellers and his novels always live up to a high standard. [He is an] ambitious wordsmith who is able to carve out an escalating tension that builds throughout ... [Jamåhonleva/Three Days/Knock Knock] is among the best this year and rather impossible to put down.”
Upsala Nya Tidning (Sweden)
"Jamåhonleva/Three Days/ Knock Knock is as skillfully told and exciting as [Roslund & Hellström's] previous novels. The character description is excellent, and the reader empathizes with both the main character as well as the side characters. The description of the setting is well-executed. All in all, this is a great thriller about organized crime and revenge, but also about trust and loyalty.”
BTJ (Sweden)
“Anders Roslund knows how to build a plot about what humans are willing to do in order to devastate the lives of others or to prevent evil from triumphing over life. [Jamåhonleva/Three Days/Knock Knock] is a novel to be read when you feel safe in your own little space, since it is such a ferocious and powerful cocktail of hidden cruelties [and] false hope, that anything else would be madness.”
Ölandsbladet (Sweden)
“Anders Roslund is without a doubt a heavyweight within Swedish crime fiction … Jamåhonleva/Three Days/Knock Knock is a great crime novel, in which criminal detective Ewert Grens and infiltrator Piet Hoffman are once again shining … What an intro! Darker than Ellroy. It should not be possible … And the final – a grande, grande finale!”
Borås Tidning (Sweden)
“Jamåhonleva, the new crime novel about Piet Hoffman and the grumpy Ewert Grens, is impossible to put down. I don’t know how Anders Roslund succeeds in pulling days, hours, minutes and seconds together in to a thrilling denouement.”
Expressen, Mats Olsson (Sweden)

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