Anders Roslund

100 procent

Release date: October 10 2022 / Original title: 100 procent

100 procent

“So what you’re saying is that we are suddenly in some kind of … well, crime novel about serial killers? You know I do not do such things, never have – for the simple reason that there are no Swedish serial killers, there never have been.”

But – if they do not exist now:
Why is a body drained of blood?
Why is another body crushed bone by bone and why is a third burned with different liquids?
How reliable is really DNA testing?
And – what really happened to criminal detective Ewert Grens, the one who shot himself to end it all?


"Anders Roslund really is 100 percent … 400 action-packed pages … If he’s not already the best crime writer of the country, then there are very few in front of him. The language flows and the pace is fast.”
Nya Kristinehamns-Posten (Sweden)
"Anders Roslund’s writing is witty and engaging and the narrative has impressive momentum. The research is extensive, but Roslund does not forget to describe the humans behind the characters in a warm and illustrating way.”
Mariestads-Tidningen (Sweden)
"A hundred percent suspense … Anders Roslund masters the art of telling a story and offers you a convincing view of Stockholm from the eyes of criminal gangs.”
Ölandsbladet (Sweden)
“Well-constructed and riveting!”
Dast Magazine (Sweden)
"Anders Roslund writes in such a captivating way that one cannot stop reading.”
Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)
“A new novel with Grens and Hoffman is a call for celebration for friends of well written and gripping crime novels. Anders Roslund’s name guarantees thrilling fiction which also offers the reader something beyond enchanting entertainment. The intrigues are well thought through, the illustration of the criminal world pitch black, even if the bad guys themselves often are nuanced and complex … 100 procent will not disappoint you."
BTJ (Sweden)
"Roslund masterfully describes a society with rising inequality and without interaction, a world falling apart … Roslund is one of the few who narrates about suburbs, gang criminality and the drug hell with a combination of expertise, social pathos and literary ability … Fantastic read ...One hundred percent guaranteed that this is suspense at its best!”
Kapprakt (Sweden)
“It is cleverly constructed … It is cleverly written, and it is difficult not to turn the page.”
Nyhetsmorgon (Sweden)

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