Anders Roslund

Three Years / Sovsågott

Release date: July 1 2020 / Original title: Sovsågott

Three Years / Sovsågott

The two girls were only four years old when they went missing on the same day. Now, they rest forever in the same graveyard.

Except neither the girl beneath the white wooden cross, nor the girl named Linnea, are in their coffins.

To understand how the two girls are connected, criminal detective Ewert Grens and infiltrator Piet Hoffman have to enter into the darkest of worlds and fight their toughest, dirtiest and most dangerous battle yet.

After Three Seconds, Three Minutes, Three Hours and Three Days (Jamåhonleva)

Now the difference between life and deaths is three years



"Sovsågott / Three Years / Sweet Dreams is unrelentingly thrilling ... The portrayal of Ewert Grens digs deeper than ever before and mercilessly demonstrates what loneliness, endless grief, and a stubborn denial of the passage of time can to do a human. The combination of edge-of-the-seat thrills – and the occasional bit of explosive action – along with strong portrayals of both investigative police, next of kin and Grens and Hoffman, makes this a piece of crime poetry of the very darkest shades.”
Skånska Dagbladet (Sweden)

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Sovsågott, Sweden Sovsågott, Sweden