Anders Roslund

Trust Me / Litapåmig

Release date: June 21 2021 / Original title: Litapåmig

Trust Me / Litapåmig

Ewert Grens is doing great. An amazing little boy is calling him his pretend grandpa and for the first time in thirty years, there is a woman he wants to dress nicely for.

Why does it all then transform into a nightmare of lethal injections, slave and organ trade, and kidnappings? And how does it all lead to the murder of someone close to Ewert?

Trust Me / Litapåmig is an unstoppable thriller where no one can be trusted.


"Anders Roslund is skilled at turning up the dial when it comes to suspense – and does so also this time.”
VLT (Sweden)
"Roslund alternates longer and shorter chapters, longer and shorter paragraphs. Here is some stylistic to study and learn for other crime writers … Litapåmig is a thriller, police novel and crime story as well as a fiction novel of the best kind."
Deckarlogg (Sweden)
"A breathtaking story … Roslund is in a class of his own … I can hardly wait for his next book."
Corren (Sweden)
“Like the previous parts, it is well-written, initiated, exciting and intriguing … Roslund has an extensive knowledge in both policing and serious, global crime … A thrilling page-turner.”
BTJ (Sweden)
"He is narrating with an extrem energy in combination with an unbeatable,  increasing tension."
Dagens Nyheter, Lota Olsson (Sweden)
“Skilfully mixed into a horrible but thought-provoking story. As usual, there is a community involvement, but most of all, the story is still about entertaining … Anders Roslund is terribly skilled in creating an exciting plot. The word page-turner maybe sounds lika a cliché, but in this case it fits like a glove. Although the book is almost like a brick it is never long-winded. I carry the book around wherever I go, eager to read the next chapter as quick as possible.”
Nisse Scherman Crime Blog (Sweden)
"Roslund has always been a master in telling about contemporary crime, so even this time … It is well researched and describes a frightening world with cynical human trafficking … Roslund is a master not only in research, he also keeps the tension up in a way few other Swedish crime novel writers master, often with deadlines between life and death, but also in so many other complex ways … Roslund masters the crime language to perfection. It is a pleasure to read when his uncomplicated prose builds up moods and drives up the pace of the story meanwhile giving the finely tuned contrasts space."
CrimeGarden, Kerstin Bergman (Sweden)
"A razor-sharp language and awfully exciting."
Expressen, Mats Olsson (Sweden)
“If the last novel had a grim story and an opening you won’t forget any time soon, this new tale is slightly grimmer … But since Roslund is a skilled author, he manages to guide his readers through the gruesome with a little hope and above all – a significant dose of suspense … Roslund depicts the young women’s vulnerability so credibly that it literally hurts to read … The resolution is an action-packed stretch that barely leave any room for you to breathe – and you might not be able to exhale even when it’s all over.”
Göteborgs-Posten (Sweden)
"Roslund defends his position as one of the country’s top suspense novelists ... [Trust Me is] a thriller that has close to everything: very prominent page-turning qualities. An increasingly intricate and refined plot. A double-cross that almost makes you seasick. And not least, among it all, beautifully depicted human compassion."
Jönköpings-Posten (Sweden)
“A celebration day for crime lovers … well-prepared, personal and gripping … It is realistic, competent, deeply human and a real hell … Anders Roslund is such a fantastic author in so many ways … Sadly the book has an end and I have probably to wait a year before the next one arrives.”
Kapprakt (Sweden)

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Litapåmig, Sweden Litapåmig, Sweden