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Roslund interviewed in Boktugg about driving forces in Swedish Television’s ‘Deckarna’

March 2, 2015

– As a representative, I had to say yes  when I was asked for a dance. – It was important for me. To reflect the reality. The gravity. That the program would not only be about games, but about real life.

From the beginning Anders Roslund hesitated to participate. He knew that if he stood up, it was serious, and then you have to talk seriously and share of yourself. At the same time, he became very excited by the program idea and that it was someone who wanted to take the crime novel category seriously. That they really wanted to search for the essence of why the people who today spread an image of Sweden in the world write in the way they do. Because he spent 15 years writing crime novels that were released at around three dozen languages, he felt a responsibility to participate.

Above a scene from the episode with Roslund & Hellström in SVT’s ‘Deckarna’: Anders Roslund in a conversation with an inmate at the High Security Prison Hall.

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