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*Five out of five stars* for Björndansen / Made in Sweden on De Perfecte Buren

January 13, 2015

Perfecteburenleesclub “… 729 pages seems a lot to read, but this is what I call a real page-turner. It looks like the perfect recipe for the most amazing book. The characters are clearly described – you get to know the guys in an honest and exposed way. Add to this the excitement, the vocabulary and the mood and everything is correct. The result is as obvious as that the book you hold in your hands is made of paper… ” “… is it exciting? Yep! Is it moving? Yep! Is it realistic? Oh, really! Roslund and Thunberg turns out to be a golden combination… ” “… the story ends in a smooth line through. No hitches, no downs, no meaningless text pieces, none of that. No words too much to put the story Made in Sweden down. There is an express train full of tension, conflicts and great dialogues. A true experience, I can say! Made in Sweden, what an adventure!… ”
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De Perfecte Buren meets Roslund & Thunberg
at Antwerp Book Fair