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Roslund & Thunberg to Göteborg Book Fair

September 25, 2017

Roslund & Thunberg to Göteborg Book Fair

“This time he won’t involve his brothers, won’t leave any traces leading back to him. But then it happens: the mistake that opens a window for Detective John Broncks and changes the rules of the game permanently. If you pull my brother into it, I’ll take you and yours to hell.” (Made in Sweden , part II / En Bror Att Dö För’)

Meet Roslund & Thunberg at Göteborg Book Fair 2017 and listen to their story. September 29, 30 – October 1.

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To the right: Roslund & Thunberg with ‘Made in Sweden, part I / Björndansen’ at Göteborg Book Fair 2014